Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sinful Colors Kissy

Happy Wednesday! Well, almost Thursday I suppose, I hope everyone is had a good first half of the week. Mine is pretty good, but it's definitely weird not getting up early every single morning and going to work or school! I've been out of school three whole days and I already want to go back :/ But that's a good thing... right?!!?

Anyways- today, I have swatches of Sinful Colors Kissy to show you. Kissy is a very pigmented blue/green glitter in a teal jelly base. It's mainly blue/green micro glitter but also has a hit of gold in it as well. This polish is something that you really have to see for yourself because pictures just don't quite do it justice. 

Direct sunlight

The application of Kissy was amazing! I used 3 coats and from the first one to the last one it went on smooth and was extremely easy to work with. I had almost zero clean up on my cuticles.. and that really says something because I'm usually quite the mess maker :/

This is it! This is all of the clean up I had!

However, I knew this polish was too good to be true- a beautiful duo-chrome glitter for $2. Remember at the being of the post, when I said "very pigmented"? Well... It stained. I usually don't mention in my posts that I 99% of the time use a base coat (either Seche Vite base coat or OPI base coat). I only swatched Kissy, took pictures, and ran to the store really quick before taking it off and it still stained after being on for all of about 30 minutes. 

Indirect sunlight
I also used Kissy in another post, which you can see here.

Direct sunlight

Staining isn't a very big deal to me, someone who never has naked nails, but for those that do or that mind staining- I wouldn't recommend using Kissy. Otherwise it really is a great polish. Beautiful color. Easy application. Cheap price. What do you think of Kissy? Would you wear it even though it stains? Until next time, happy polishing! 

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