Friday, February 15, 2013

That One Nail Polish Part 2

Hello beautiful ladies!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!  Today I have for you, Part 2 of That One Nail Polish polishes!  You can see and purchase these polishes at my website, click here!!

We'll start off with Once in a Blue Moon.  In my opinion Once in a Blue Moon is a very different polish and I can say that I don't have anything really like it in my entire collection!  It has white hex glitter in a black/blue shimmery base.  The pictures of this polish definitely don't do it justice at all.  Here is 2 coats of Once in a Blue Moon:
Here is Once in a Blue Moon in sunlight
And in artificial light.
Next, is On The Rocks.  Another of my personal favs.  And one of my most popular polishes.  On The Rocks is a mixture of black and white hex glitters in a milky white base.  See for yourself how gorgeous this polish is:

Anyone that knows me knows that I love camo.  I've been trying to perfect a camo mani but it's pretty difficult.  So in the mean time I've come up with a camo polish!  Ranger is a mix of a tan, light brown, dark brown, green, and moss green hex glitters in a clear base.  I would say this is probably the ultimate camo glitter!  Here is one coat Ranger over black:

Next, we have Ready, Set, Hex! another of my most popular polishes.  Ready, Set, Hex! is a mixture of aqua, turquoise, orange, lavender, and emerald hex glitter in clear base.  Its a perfect mixture of colors and looks great over black and many other colors!
Natural light
Direct sunlight
Last but not least, we have Wipeout!  Everyone seems to really like this polish.  Why?  Because its gorgeous!  It contains a mixture of beautiful blue, neon blue, and black hex glitters.  This is another one of my personal favorites!  Take a look:

And there you have Part 2 of my indie line.  Coming next: Swatches of my Sex and the City collection.  Don't forget you can see and purchase these polishes on my website,  Check it out!  And until next time- happy polishing!

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  1. Hi! I just got the On the Rocks in a swap today and I was wondering if there is any trick to getting it to stick to the nail? Seems like maybe I'm not waiting long enough for it to dry?