Friday, February 15, 2013

That One Nail Polish Sex and the City Collection

Hello ladies!  Today, I have for you my first full collection!  This collection was inspired by Sex and the City and its 5 main characters!  These, as well as my other polishes, can be found on my website, click here!!  Also, I have to show you another new polish, Good Game!

First, from The Sex and the City collection is Carrie-d Away, the Carrie inspired polish.  Carrie-d Away is a mixture of hot pink, pastel pink, and light pink hex glitters in a clear base!  I particularly like this polish over a black base, here's my swatch:

Next we have Big Heartbreaker, the Mr. Big inspired polish from The Sex and the City collection.  Big Heartbreaker is one of my personal favorites from the collection!  Its contains black and white shred glitter in a clear base.  So simple, but yet so "Mr. Big"-ish.  I think, at least!   I've dying to swatch it over a bright color, but here is my swatch over grey:

Next up- Oh So Charlotte, the Charlotte inspired polish from The Sex and the City collection.  People seem to like this one best of all!  Oh So Charlotte is a beautiful polish consisting of pastel pink, lavender, and aqua hex glitters in a clear base.  I swatched Oh So Charlotte over black but it would look great over any color!

Fabulous Samantha, the Samantha inspired polish from the collection, is one of my personal favorites!  It's a mixture of pastel blue and blue square glitters, with blue hex glitters in a clear base.  I swatched Fabulous Samantha over black!  

Last but definitely not least, we have Miranda Rights, the Miranda inspired polish from The Sex and the City collection!  Miranda Rights is a gorgeous mixture of emerald and black hex glitters with fine black hex glitters in a clear base.  I think this polish fits Miranda so well!  I've swatched Miranda Rights over a metallic silver:

In addition to The Sex and the City collection, I have another new polish to show you that was recently added to my website!  This polish was originally a custom, but I loved it so much that I decided to add it to my website!  Good Game is a mixture of orange and black shred glitter and is perfect for San Francisco Giants fans, fall, or for anyone who loves orange or bright colors!  I swatched Good Game over white:

And there you have it!  All of the new polishes on!  Check out my website for more info and pricing, click here!  And until next time- happy polishing!

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