Friday, February 15, 2013

That One Nail Polish Part 1

Hello ladies!!  I hope everyone has had a good month!  I'm posting today to show you the polishes, so far, in my indie line!  This will just be a quick peek at some of my polishes (hence- Part 1), you can always find more info and prices on my website, click here!  Most are available in mini and full size bottles!

So here we go!  In no particular order.. here is Annabella, a black and red medium hex glitter with black bar glitter in a shimmery silver base.  Annabella could be worn alone, but in my opinion looks best over a base color.  In my swatches I used a very light pink base color.
One coat
Two coats

Next up is All Shook Up, one of my valentines day polishes.  All Shook Up consists of pink, and black medium sized hex glitters, fine red hex glitter, and white hearts in a clear base.  This polish is the perfect mix for those who want a valentines day polish, but don't want something too pink and girly!  I used 2 different colors in my swatches to make sure everyone could see all of the glitter in the polish very well!  Both swatches have 2 thin coats of All Shook Up.
2 coats over a metallic silver.

2 coats over a blue/gray
Next is Blue Are You?, one of my personal favorites!  Blue Are You? is a royal blue color with shifting rainbow hex glitter.  Its hard to tell that it actually shifting rainbow hex glitter because it actually just looks like a jelly sandwich in a bottle!  I've used 2 coats in my swatch below.

Cleopatra is a gorgeous mixture of gold and turquoise hex glitters!  This has got to be another of my personal favorites.  The glitters are in a clear base and go on sooo smooth.  No fishing for glitter here!

Next, we have Fairy Dust!  This polish is a top coat polish and looks good over any color!  I've chosen to layer it over black.  On my index and middle finger is one coat and on my middle and pinky finger is two coats!

Next is JAM.  JAM was created by my best friend, and if you knew her- you'd know that JAM is so... her.  It's a multi-colored glitter in a purple base.  Gorgeous?  YES!!  Here is two coats of JAM:

Jazz is somewhat like Cleopatra.  Its a sandy gold colored glitter with rose colored glitter in a clear base.  This seems to be one of everyone's favorite.  I've layered it over a maroon color but it would look great over any color!

And last but definitely not least from Part 1, Mr. Michael!  Mr. Michael got it's name because it was made by my fantabulous boyfriend, Michael.  It's a beautiful periwinkle with holo gold hex glitters and a hint of gold flakes!  

That's all for Part 1 of That One Nail Polish polishes!  Stay tuned for Part 2 and for my newest collection, Sex and the City!  And again- you can find more pictures of these polishes and buy them at my website,!  Thanks for reading and until next time- happy polishing!!

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