Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Nail Sauce Holiday Sweets

Hello ladies!!! And Merry Christmas!!! Thanks to working an insane amount of hours lately, I've been neglecting TONB :( but now that the holiday hours are thankfully over- I promise to get back on top of it!! Also, you may be seeing more than one posting of Christmas nails today!!

But for now, I have Nail Sauce Holiday Sweets!! Which was given to me in an IG Secret Santa exchange!! It is also my first ever Nail Sauce polish! Holiday Sweets is made up of red glitter and smaller green glitter in a white creme base. This polish is so simple but yet gorgeous for a quick Christmas mani!! Application was quick and easy and I had no problems whatsoever with a lack of glitter in Holiday Sweets! Here you see 3 coats. I'm pretty pleased with this polish and can't wait to order more polishes from Nail Sauce! You can find some pretty awesome polishes from her at on her website: click here!!


What do you think of Holiday Sweets? Do you have any Nail Sauce polishes? If so, what's your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!! And until next time.. Happy polishing and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

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