Monday, December 10, 2012

Glitter Week Day 1: Julep Harper

Hello ladies! I hope everyone is having a great Monday!! As promised, it is the first day of Glitter Week!! Sort of a short post today because I really have got to start getting ready for work!

Yesterday, I bought two nameless Color Club polishes from Rue 21 for $5!!! And I received my December Julep Maven box a couple of days ago!! Which came with some absolutely GORGEOUS glitters in it which I decided I just had to use in my first Glitter Week post!

So here, you are seeing a very dark blue creme base color, one of the nameless Color Clubs. Its a very dark blue that appears almost black when it's not in direct sunlight. It is definitely much darker on my nails then in the bottle and seems even darker with the glitter on top. Although it looks black, I assure you it is actually blue!!

The glitter is Julep Harper, which consists of micro an small turquoise glitters in a turquoise jelly base. The application was great! The polish was very easy to control and no mess whatsoever behind. Here you see one coat on top of the nameless Color Club.

Im sure I could have used Harper alone and it would have been gorgeous, but I think it looks beautiful over the dark blue. I'm not sure why, but this glitter was incredibly hard for me to photograph! It just wouldn't show up in the pictures the way it actually looked in real life. I tried natural and artificial light, with flash, and even in my light box... But nope!! I was getting very frustrated! But, at a later time I'll swatch Harper alone and we will see if it photographs better. Anyways, these are the best pictures I could get!

Natural light- overcast
Natural light- overcast

I hope you guys enjoyed the first Glitter Week glitter!! What do you think of Julep Harper? Would you you like to see it swatched by itself? Let me know! And until next time- happy polishing!! 

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