Saturday, December 8, 2012

Glitter Week!!!

Hello ladies!!! Now that my giveaway is over, I feel like I need something else to occupy my time- because you know, working like 60+ hour weeks isn't enough! So, I will be having a Glitter Week!!! Starting Monday December 10th and ending Sunday December 16th, there will be a post and review everyday regarding glitter!!! Old glitters, new glitters, glitters I've had forever but have yet to use... ALL glitter of some sort or another for a full week!!

Although its doubtful, I may have to post from my phone a time or two during Glitter Week, so please excuse the weird formatting if I'm not able to get to a computer. But I'm sure that being at home, where my computer is wont be a problem. But just a heads up incase a post or two looks weird!

Anyways! Enough rambling ;) I'm super excited for glitter week!! So, keep checking back throughout the week to see some awesome glitter polishes!!

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