Monday, December 3, 2012

Delusional Polish swatches and reviews!!

Hello lovely ladies!! Sorry for not posting to much, I hardly have time to do anything working 2 jobs in a mall at Christmas time! Today, I have swatches of 3 awesome polishes by Jen of Delusional Polish, and TONS of pictures!!! Also, they are my first Indie Polishes!!! I'm extremely excited to show you guys these polishes, so here we go!!

I'm soo excited to share these with you!! Before these polishes even arrived, I thought that Who Stole Xmas? was going to be my favorite polish, but once I actually swatched these polished, I honestly could not pick a favorite! There's things I love about each and every one of them!! All of them were plentiful in glitter and in a thick base that wasn't too thick, but was just perfect!!

First, we have Who Stole Xmas?, which is made of micro gold, silver and green glitter along with medium red, green, gold and silver hex in a dark, brownish translucent base. I swatched this polish first and absolutely loved how it has micro glitters as well as medium sized hex glitters!! This truly is a PERFECT Christmas glitter!!! I chose to use a royal blue base, Orly Shockwave, because I thought it would perfectly contrast the colors in the glitter, which it did and looks amazing, I think!!! I didn't have to fish out any of the glitters, even the hex glitters, it is just an amazing glitter all around!! And I think you can tell how much in love I am with this polish because of my zillion pictures ;)

Here is one coat of Who Stole Xmas?
Indirect sunlight
Indirect sunlight
Direct sunlight- look at the sparkle!!!
Pretttyyy!! Direct sunlight.

And here, is two coats of Who Stole Xmas? At this point, it started storming for like 3 days so most of the rest of the pictures aren't in sunlight :(
Indirect sunlight

Artificial light
Artificial light
Artificial light

Next, is Jack Frost- which is made up of medium, matte white hex and small red, gold, silver and white hex. Prior to using Jack Frost, I thought it looked a little on the Valentines Day side but after actually using it I completely changed my mind! I layered China Glaze Liquid Leather under Jack Frost and I LOVED it!! One of the reasons I ordered this polish (and the next one I'll tell you about) is because of the white glitters. I loveee white glitter and this polish is just amazing!! The mixture of different colors with white being the dominating color and the mixture of different sized glitters makes this polish gorgeous to say the least! 

Here is one coat of Jack Frost

This polish even sparkle like this in artificial light!!
Here is two coats of Jack Frost

Last but not least is Tic Tac, which is made up of small white and green glitter with a bit of micro black glitter. The green in this glitter looks more of like a teal but it's still very pretty! I chose to layer it over a pink base. It was a toss up between pink and orange and now I'm kind of curious what it looks like under orange. This was the least thickest (glitter wise) of the three polishes but the mixture of the green/teal and white glitter is just gorgeous!! Take a look:

Here is one coat of Tic Tac

And here is two coats of Tic Tac

Jens polishes are my fist indie polish and I'm very glad that I ordered from her because I was not in the least but disappointed with any of them!! They have a thick base that isn't too thick but just perfect!! I definitely plan on ordering from her again! She provided great customer service and pretty quick shipping! Each polish is in a full sized, 15ml/0.5oz, bottle and are $8 each. Her Etsy shop can be found here . So click that link and buy a bottle or two from her, you definitely won't be disappointed!!

I'm sure you've gathered that I loved these polishes, what do you think? What's you're favorite? Until next time, happy polishing!!

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