Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Milani Rapid Cherry & Spoiled

Hello ladies! Today I have a relatively short post for you. I picked up two new polishes the other night that I wanted to show you. Enjoy :)

I used Milani Rapid Cherry as my base color. I bought this polish because I was looking for a nice, thicker red creme for my upcoming Christmas manis, also I need a red for stamping because almost all of the reds in my collection are jellies. I'm pretty positive I found exactly what I was looking for with Rapid Cherry, it's a very pigmented red creme that's just perfect! The application of this polish is great! I absolutely love Milani's wide, thick brushes- it makes coverage so easy. I probably could have gotten away with one coat of Rapid Cherry, since I was layering it, but I used two just in case. 

On top of Rapid Cherry is Spoiled Shuffle The Deck, which contains black, red, and silver hex glitters in a clear base. This polish immediately caught my eye as soon as I saw it! I was a little disappointed that the glitter didn't stick to the brush very well, but for $1.99, I can't really complain. The application of the polish was good but I did have to do a little glitter placement and fishing. I used 3 coats of Shuffle The Deck in my swatches. Other then the glitter not sticking to the brush all to well, I really like this glitter!! 

Excuse the glare in my pictures. It's been all overcast and rain today here so I had absolutely zero sunlight :( What do you think of Rapid Cherry and Shuffle The Deck? What do you think of the color combination? Let me know in the comments below! I appreciate and and all feedback!! And until next time, happy polishing!!! 

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