Sunday, November 25, 2012

China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection Winter 2012 (Swatches and Reviews!)

Hello my wonderful readers!! We're going to maybe call this Part one because maybe there will be a Part 2, I haven't quite decided yet. How was everyone's Thanksgiving and black Friday/weekend?? Mine has been
pretty good, just working like crazy :( So for you today, I have my 6 picks from China Glazes Holiday Joy collection!!  Sadly, due to overcast and crappy weather when I swatched these polishes- most pictures were taken in artificial light unless the caption states otherwise!

Red Satin is pretty much a classic red. There was nothing spectacular or even all that great about this polish if you're not really a red person like me. I grabbed a couple reds from this collection because I don't really have very many red. After swatching Red Satin, I wasn't all that impressed. It had sort of a watery formula, even for a jelly- thick is definitely something this polish is not. Also, I just swatched this polish and removed it less then 30 minutes later AND used a base coat- and it stained my nails a little. Yes! In just that sort amount of time. It had a glossy finish, looked pretty, and dried in regular time, but probably I won't used this polish again.

Winter Holly is an AMAZING green glitter! It consists of green and gold holo micro glitter. It is absolutely gorgeous! Application was perfect too! I had almost zero clean up. After Winter Holly is dry and before topcoat you can feel how gritty it is, but for being so gritty, it was so easy to use!! I used 3 very thin coats in these swatches.

Pizzazz is a multi colored multi shaped chunky glitter in a clear base. Pizzazz is better for layering but I decided for my swatch not to. Here you see 3 coats. Application wasn't too bad, but it is very thick. I'll post later showing Pizzazz layered over a couple colors. This collection seems to have a lot of dupes, this being one of them. Check out The Polishaholics comparison post here. If you are like me and love glitter and have a large collection chances are you already have a similar polish.
Natural light
Natural light

Champagne Kisses is a light golden tan holos glitter that appears almost rose gold in certain lighting. I really really loved this polish with my skin tone. Application was great, not as good as Winter Holly, but great nonetheless. I'm not a big fan of any sort of gold that isnt white gold or rose gold when it comes to just about anything, but I LOVE this color!!!!

Merry Berry is a dark red creme, that reminds me of wine for some reason... For someone who isn't a big fan of red, I quite enjoyed this polish. It wasn't to watery or too thick. Application was wonderful!! I had almost no clean up.

Glitter All The Way is a multi colored glitter of various sizes in a clear base. This is definitely a glitter packed polish. I really like it, I don't think I have anything in my collection quite like it! Application was awesome, for having so much glitter in it, it went on very smooth but even with a thick top coat of Seche it was still a little gritty.


There you have it! My 6 picks from the China Glaze Holiday Joy collection! I may be getting some more from this collection, we'll see! What do you think of this collection? Are there any others from this collection you would like to see?