Saturday, October 20, 2012

OPI Number One Nemesis

Today, I have another polish from OPIs The Amazing Spiderman collection, Number One Nemisis. And I must say I don't have even one slightly bad thing to say about this polish!! It's a gray/green/brown not glitter, but not metallic bottle of awesomeness. It went on extremely smooth without any streaks or bubbles and all in all had an awesome application! Now, with out further audu:

So, what do you think of Number One Nemesis??

For those of you wondering... This is what happened when my dog was a puppy and I wouldn't take her with me when I would go places. She retaliated and decided to get even I guess... This isn't my only polish like this...  Until next time- Happy polishing!

1 comment:

  1. I love that your Puppy rebelled at tried to eat some of your polishes. Thank god my pooch hasn't chewed on anything in a revenge fuelled rage in a long time. Although if she did I'm sure that she would head for the "Dog Polish Pen" she only ever let me do that to her once.