Monday, October 15, 2012


Work work work work work... Seems to be all I do anymore! ...Sorry I've been way behind with post lately! I recently bought my first, real stamping plates so probably you'll be seeing a lot of stamping manis in future posts! I bought my MASH plates set from Amazon, as the Konad double sided stamper. Ive played around with stamping quite a bit since receiving my order and still have not taken the scraper out of the package it came in, instead I use an old, used plastic gift card- it works just as well and it doesn't scratch the plates like the metal scrapers!

For my first, full mani with the stamping plates I used MASH plate 38. I used two coats of Nina Ultra Pro Night as my base color and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Lickety Split Lime for my stamping color. Oh, and of course a Seche Vite top coat! 

 They aren't perfectly straight but I'd say they aren't too bad for my first stamped mani! What do you guys think??

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