Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Color Club glitters

Hello ladies!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!! I apologize for the lack of posts the past few days, but I have been busy working and buying super awesome polished to show you guys!! As well as putting together nail mail for my secret Santa person (organized by justricarda on Instagram, check her out- she's awesome!) Anyways, onto today's polishes...

Did you guys know that Ross sells nail polishes?? They do!! Recently, I picked up a 6 pack of Color Club polishes for only $7.99!!! The downside? They're just random polishes thrown in a box, without names :( But Googling to find the names is a small price to pay for 6 super awesome polishes for $7.99!! 3 of the polishes are includes in my giveaway, and I have the others to show you today!

First, is Color Club Magic Attraction which was released in the Glitter Vixen collection in 2008. And let me tell you.. Pictures DO NOT do this polish justice!! Magic Attraction is a very dense polish PACKED with multi-colored holographic glitters. It, as well as the other two polishes you're getting ready to see, is very thick. But what could you really expect from a polish that's so ridiculously glittery?!? It is most definitely in real life the most holographic of the 3 polishes I'm showing you today.

Next, is Beyond the Mistletoe, which is from the Beyond the Mistletoe collection released in 2011. It has light blue toned green holo glitter. Like Magic Attraction its very dense and thick. With 2 coats it was almost at full opacity, I just had a couple very small bald spots mainly on my tips- but nothing another coat couldn't fix, so here you see 3 coats!

Last but not least is Jingle Jangle.. I think?? I'm really not all to sure. After lots of Googling, the best I could come up with is that this polish is Jingle Jangle. But after even more Googling,
I saw swatches that looked similar to mine, as well as swatches that were much darker- all of them labeled as Jingle Jangle. So that's what we're going to call it, unless someone knows the correct name of this polish!! So, Jingle Jangle consists of blue and purple holo glitters and I think it's just absolutely gorgeous!! It's definitely the least holo of the three, but still very very glittery!! Again, this one was also super thick and it took 3 coats to reach full opacity. Gorgeous! I love it!! Also, of the 3 polishes, this one looked the most different in natural light vs. artificial light.

Artificial light

Natural light

So there they are!!  All swatches have a Seche Vite top coat. I would show you the others, but they are included in my giveaway!! But here is a picture of them. Hurry over to IG and enter my giveaway! Ends 12/7/12. Username: thatonenailblog_rhub

These are the first Color Clubs I've ever bought. What do you think of them? Would you buy this set?? Thanks for reading! Happy polishing!!

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