Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sinful Colors Let's Meet and All About You

Yellow is one of my favorite colors.. but it looks horrible with my skin tone!!  So as much as I love it, you'll almost never see me wearing something yellow, and rarely with a yellow mani.  But.. I had to get my yellow-fix in, so today's mani is Sinful Colors Let's Meet with a Sinful Colors All About You on top!  Let's Meet is a shimmery, bright, glass flecked yellow.  The application of this polish was good, its pretty thin though and here in the first picture show is 3 coats!  On top of Let's Meet is just one, thick coat of Sinful Colors All About You, which is a very sheer gold.  And actually for a glitter its pretty smooth and not very rough like most glitters.  After putting All About You on it turned it somewhat of a mustard-yellow color, see for yourself!

This is the 3 coats of SC Meet Me, prior to glitter and clean up!

Direct sunlight

I don't think this mani turned out too bad, but I don't see myself doing it again- at least on myself.  What do you guys think??  Happy polishing!!

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