Monday, September 17, 2012

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue It

One thing my followers will learn about me really quick- I love blue nail polish!  Especially this shade.  Actually.. I've always wanted a car this color!  When I was little I used to call it "Pepsi-Can blue".  Remember when Pepsi cans were that color?  Back to the polish, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue It.. I really love the color, application was smooth and you could probably get away with just one coat of Blue It, here I have two coats on.  The application was great, it goes on smooth, evens out perfectly, and has a very shiney finish!   Also, the brush is amazing!  It's one of those brushes that isn't too big but still holds enough polish.  All in all, I love Blue it!!  I would have to say right now its definitely my favorite blue polish!

I seriously recommend this polish if you're looking for a vibrant blue!  Hope you guys enjoyed! Happy polishing!

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